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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 3, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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it. why is rick perry being smeared as a metro sexual? this is "way too early." can you believe it? hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. welcome to "way too early" for july 3rd. this is a show that's been called way worse than metrosexual. way worse. welcome to garanamls. i'll show you my metro thursday outfit. it will be a good day. let's start off with what we have just been upgraded to when we're talking about this hurricane arthur. several counties in north carolina under a state of emergency as this storm looms over a very busy july 4th holiday. right now it's churning about 150 miles out at sea. officials say this storm could intensify. while it's not expected to make landfall, a big section of the eastern seaboard is bracing forth heavy rain, wind, and a
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potential riptide. it's triggering mandatory evacuations. the view shows the scope of the storm, incredible images and why officials all the way up to new england are paying very close attention to this. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us. this upgrade just happened, bill? >> very much expected. that's the bottom line. it's not doing anything that's surprising us, which is good. this is kind of how you want to do it. this is an area that's very familiar with the hurricanes. they get more storms in the outer banks of north carolina than any area in the united states. it's going to be a fast-moving storm. a 12-hour window of the heavy rain and wind and then it will be gone. by friday afternoon the sun could even be out in the outer banks. let's show you the latest on the storms. it did get up to a hurricane. we expect gradual intensification 18 hours from now. it will be moving towards wilmington and then going right
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along and raking the coast line of eastern north carolina. the hurricane warnings do extend through the outer banks through camp lejeune, the military base in southern north carolina. you're under a warning. the storm specific is starting to accelerate moving to the north at about 9 miles per hour. it will start moving faster during later portions of the day. wind field, troublesome winds are off the coast. the forecast path does brush it through eastern north carolina with probably a closer direct landfall as we go throughout late tonight into early tomorrow morning. the good news, thomas, for cape cod, they've pushed it a little farther out to sea. nova scotia will get hit. there will be minor damage. there will be minor inconveniences. i think the biggest concern still is going to be the waves and the rip currents right through the weekend even when the sun is out on saturday all the way up to cape cod. >> we see the warning coming out
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from the governor of north carolina. get everybody's antenna up. >> the intensity forecasts are never great. so far this one has been perfect. we don't want any surprises. >> bill, we'll check in with you at the top of the hour at "morning joe." thank you. the federal government has ordered increased security for direct flights entering the united states. this order is from the department of homeland security and it applies to flights that are leaving europe, africa and the middle east. officials say there is intelligence that al qaeda is working to develop bombs that could avoid detection. the enhanced security will likely include moran come to patdowns, screening of bags, extra swabbing for explosive residue and sets up screening for electronics. jeh johnson did not say the move was in response to a specific threat but did acknowledge the growing threat for foreign fighters joining extremists in syria and iraq. we turn to the middle east where there appears to be no end in site for the latest round of violence there.
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israel said it hit more than a dozen hamas targets in gaza and raided villages in the west bank after they fired a rocket into southern israel. the rocket attack knocked out power throughout the town. tensions are rising after hamas kidnapped and murdered three israeli teens. a 16-year-old palestinian boy was dead. it led to a scary moment for an nbc news crew that was more than once caught in the cross fire. >> get back! >> journalists. hey! >> reporter: engaging this skirmishes and clashes in this
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palestinian neighborhood. it's similar to this one. we were on the other side with the palestinian side. >> ayman, stay safe there. we're going to stay with these pictures. you stay safe. >> that was ayman mohyeldin there. on the side of the car was yelling journalists trying to get their attention so they knew exactly who they were. you can see he's wearing the press emblem across that vest that he had on for his own safety. obviously take great precautions to keep our journalists and crews in safe situations like that, but scary nonetheless. want to move on to business news for you today where the markets were mixed yesterday with the dow and s&p hitting record highs ahead of today's june's job report. steve sedgwick is live with more on this for us. steve, good morning. >> very good day to you. fantastic run on the equity markets. the s&p and dow very, very near record highs as well. the question is whether there's
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payroll fervor because of the holiday. tomorrow will give that push to the markets to send the prices higher. the numbers we're looking at is 212,000 jobs created. that will be the fifth month in a row that we get 200,000 jobs plus created. that would also translate to a rate of unemployment of 6.3% but there's not much inflation. average hourly earnings seen up. look at this. the wider unemployment rate. very important. it's also including most people in part-time work or marginally employed who want to be full time employed. that's still a heady 12.2%. a lot of interest in the markets on these figures. also on the back of janet yellen, there are questions when are we going to get the rate hikes in the united states. penciled in for some time at 2015. at the moment yellen said the most important thing is to have
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the financial stability rather than worrying about asset bubbles. interest rates aren't necessarily the best tool to controlle u.-- control the u.s. economy. housing to equity markets, the real concern can be addressed by stress tests which make it more strenuous. banks have to hold more capital before they loan money out. the market is a prime for a big move. back to you. appreciate it. republican chris mcdaniel is pushing ahead with his efforts to contest his loss to senator thad cochran in the mississippi senate runoff. mcdaniel sent out a fundraising e-mail to ask for help. he says senator cochran, quote, stole the election and claims the results are, quote, a champlain and simple. mcdaniel says there are numerous voting irregularities by senator cochran who will cast ballots in the state's democratic primary which will be illegal. his push for african-american
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support was the campaign conference call which quickly turned chaotic. >> black people were harvesting cotton, why do you think it's okay to harvest their votes? they're not animals. why are you treating black people like they're animals. >> sir, i don't know where you're calling from but i'm happy to address any question, no matter the lunacy of it. >> well, why do you use black people to try to get cochran elected when they're not even republicans and you're treating them as if they're just idiots that they'll vote for cochran just because they're black. it's ridiculous. why do you harvest the black votes? >> here's what we're going to do. we're going to keep trying to go through this call with the individuals who decided they want to hijack this call and will just get through it and i'll be glad to answer any of your questions.
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>> why do you treat black people because they're black they're going to vote for cochran. >> senator cochran's campaign ended the call. they've accused the cochran campaign and making mcdaniel look bad. more buses could arrive tomorrow in murietta, california. that's a city at the center of the immigration. others say the demonstrators should be ashamed by their actions. nbc's miguel alma gare has more. >> reporter: the anger, tension, what many call hate, palpable. >> u.s.a. u.s.a. >> reporter: dozens of protesters refusing to allow the young families into their community. >> thousands of people are being allowed into our country illegally and we're coming out here to voice our objection to that. >> reporter: but more than voices were raised.
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this immigration advocate was spit on. >> illegally, too. >> it's heartbreaking to see this hang coming from the land of opportunity. >> are you proud or embarrassed of what happened in your city yesterday? >> well, as far as exercising the constitutional rights, i'm proud of that. >> reporter: alan long, the mayor of murieta, knows what happened here has the nation watching and talking. >> they're showing their emotion and passion about federal policy that's not working. >> reporter: for donia cruz, it's personal. she carried her 14 month old boy william from honduras across 1,000 miles of uncertainty. it was very unjust and full of hate, she says, especially because we are people that are just coming here to look for a better life. >> meanwhile 33 house republicans have sent president obama a letter demanding that children who illegally enter the u.s. not be given legal status. still ahead on "way too
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early," from secretary of defense to captain america, team u.s.a. goalie tim howard has quickly become america's new fascination and obsession for a lot of fans. now he even has a humble brag about a call from president obama. plus, lindsay lohan suing the makers of "grand theft auto 5" saying the game stole her image from one of their characters. so what do you think? is there a resemblance? this is lacey in "grand theft auto 5." that is lindsay. tweet us #waytooearly. notice neither lindsay or lacey has a cigarette happening out of her mouth. ♪ ♪ jim morrison, the lead
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tim. >> hello, mr. president. how's it going? >> hello, mr. president. >> men, i just wanted to call and say, you guys did us proud. >> thank you very much. >> yeah. the -- >> thanks. >> no, you guys did great and as somebody who -- who's first sport was soccer, although i was never that good, to see the way you guys captured the hearts and the imaginations of the whole country is unbelievable. clint, you were fantastic and, tim, i think, you know -- i don't know how you're going to survive the mobs when you come back home, man. you're just like -- you're going to have to shave your beard so
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they don't know who you are. >> we heard you were watching. we know how big of a supporter you are. we hope we made you proud. >> tim howard, you can't hide. there is no hiding from jennifer litman who is coming to get you wherever you are. jenn dressed up today in case you dropped by our studios. she has on heels, too. yeah, jenn litman. president obama giving a call to the u.s. soccer stars clint dempsey and tim howard to congratulate them. the nation is equally if not more impressed elevating tim howard to superstar for a stellar performance in the goal against belgium. things tim howard could save began trending. edited images of howard intervening to save the day in classic scenes. photos in wikipedia. they briefly listed him as incumbent secretary of defense of the united states of america. later the real secretary of defense chuck hagel called
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howard with congratulations and a team invite to the pentagon. perhaps the last few days' event summed up. it will take a nation of millions to hold me back. he doesn't even look like his age. i sent that picture to jenn yesterday. she was very excited. she's obsessed with him. we head into the world cup quarterfinals on friday, starting with france against germany and host country brazil taking on colombia. o's, the rangers, they got a grab leaping to get the grab. the orioles still beat them. to toronto, brewers and jays tied 4-4. toronto, two men on base. swing and a drive and this one's over! three-run home run and he walks off the brewers.
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>> edward incar nas yoen with the three-run walk-off to beat the brewers 7-4. the jays are a whole game ahead of the orioles. >> oh, those yankees. >> yeah, did you see that? who's above the yankees, bill? >> who's that? >> the witness -- >> is it 25 or 26 world titles? 27 now? >> the witness will answer the question. who's above the yankees? the witness may step down. >> my eyes are going bad on me. >> we'll let you get back to hurricane harper. magic, oakland/detroit. lines one foul into the stands along the left field line. check out where it lands. catching the ball in the ice bin there. is that a little strange in the booth. cubs/red sox game. remy started losing body parts. >> this is the first -- this is a first. you've lost a lot of stuff -- >> i never lost a tooth. >> no, i never lost a tooth.
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>> jerry lost a tooth. one up front, i hope? >> no. >> on the side. >> you can't see it? >> no, can't see it at all. all right. it just fell right out. >> can you put it back in? >> i'm not going to put it back in. probably have to get this taken care of, right? >> i can't see it. i don't think it's a problem. it's not going to bother you. >> is it going to hurt? >> no. go with it. summer teeth. some are there, some ain't. >> let me do it. i'll do it. >> you're not going in my mouth. >> come on, i can do it. i can handle it. lay back. >> stay over there. now i've got to get another tooth. >> i'm telling you, this one is fine. don't throw this outside the booth. >> what am i supposed to do? carry it around? >> it doesn't look very good. >> it could use some cleaning. >> i think you could keep that
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one. it's a perfectly fine tooth. open your mouth. here you go. bite down hard. somebody give me a hammer. it's in there. it's almost in. >> put that under your pillow, jim, the tooth ferry will give you a buck. i'm surprised he didn't say -- never mind. corey is telling me i have to go. i was going to give a joke. bill karins, weather. >> tweet that joke out. >> yeah. do it now? are your teeth cold? are your teeth cold? >> no. >> why are you wearing that yellow coat? >> ohhh. >> okay. moving on. thanks so much. >> the whole standup thing never happened. all right. so as far as the storm goes, i mentioned that it's actually looking better for cape cod. we know we're going to get hit in eastern north carolina. cape cod's forecast looking better. rain in new england on the 4th. a lot of people trying to time that out. we'll see additional strong
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thunderstorms today and tomorrow morning it will be raining in most areas to start your friday and then it will clear from west to east as we go throughout your morning. thomas, bottom line is d.c., macy's fireworks will be just fine. they'll get them in. they should be dry. out in cape cod in boston, they were smart to postpone them. >> much appreciated. coming up on "morning joe." is there any democrat that can challenge hillary clinton? mark hall perrin, what's old could be new again. the cryptic tweets. and do the boots make the man? why they're comparing texas governor rick perry to a, quote, west coast metrosexual. yeah. can you believe that? ♪ like a rhinestone cowboy ♪
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welcome back, everybody. earlier in the show we talked about how the u.s. jobs report out today is expected to be positive. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends five years after the recession ended while the nation as a whole has gained back all the jobs lost, 32 states still have fewer jobs than when the recession began in december of '07. nevada has faired the worst. down 70,000 jobs. 6% fewer. the state has suffered four years of double digit unemployment. north dakota has added 100,000 jobs. the nation's highest increase. the state has largely benefitted from the oil boon there. now we move onto the cooler.
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let's cool our heels on this one. you may remember the cover of "newsweek" with rick perry. he had to give up his boots because of back problems. that's not sitting well with jerry patterson who's blasting perry in an interview with a local paper saying, quote, i lament the fact that our governor could now pass for a west coast metrosexual and has embarrassed us all with his sartorial change in direction. it's a feeble excuse not to wear them. tell rick boots can be purchased with normal heels. all right. hurricane getting a lot of attention for something it's offering at one of its san francisco store locations. take a look at the pride whopper. it was in celebration of june being pride month. rainbow colored paper with a special message inside. >> you want to try the proud whopper? >> no. >> would you like a proud whopper? >> huh? >> it really does taste
2:56 am
different. >> do you want to taste it? >> i think it's the meet. >> the meet tastes more like leaner. i don't know. >> we're all the same inside. >> is that it? >> it's a burger. >> everything is the same on the inside but it's the outside. >> oh, my god. >> she got it! >> figured it out. well, burger king is using this promotion to spread the word with be your way instead of having it your way. the pride whopper will be in that san fran location. it's been rumored but lindsay lohan is suing the makers of "grand theft auto" for using her image. lacey jonas is an unequivocal reference. the suit references that the character uses lohan's voice and style from her clothing line. in the game the famous actress is often on the run from the
2:57 am
paparazzi. the character battles anorexia. no official word from rock star. that was our twitter question of the day. a lot of people thought, yes, it does look like her. if lindsay does sue, she can pay for this year's rent. that's what some people said. anyway, "morning joe" is coming up next. ♪
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♪ good morning. it is fourth of july eave, july the 3rd. with us on set, senior political editor and white house huffington, sam stein and mark halpern and former chair of the rnc, michael steele. down in washington for us the washington anchor for bbc, world news america, the great katty kay. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. i wish i could have been up there but the weather kept me away. >> i saw you tweeting last


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